• Exceptional Design

    This isn't your grandfather's metal roofing.
  • Innovation

    Our M-Series further improves on stone coated metal design.

If you know roofing...

You know that Metal is the future of roofing. You also also know that stone coated is the future of metal.

Metstar offers the best in stone coated metal roofing technology available anywhere. While our products are innovative they also preserve the quality and traditions of our industry. We excel in bringing the benefits of stone coated metal to everyone. Our F-Series is our traditional steel roofing profile line and is compatible with System 1 and/or System 2 installs. Our innovative M-Series features attractive designs engineered with the benefits of ease-of-installation, ease-of-ordering, and cost control - and they are fully compatible with System 1, System 2, and System 3 install methods. Read More


...tradition and innovation.