Stone Vs Smooth

When it comes to metal roofing, there are two main options to consider: Stone Coated or Smooth. While the two are very different, the question of which one is better is somewhat personal and aesthetic. So it really depends on you!

So which to choose? The natural look of a stone coated roof, or the sleek and dramatic look of a smooth metal?

Below is a comparison between the two options to help you make your decision.

And of course, if you have any questions whatsoever, please CONTACT US.

Stone Coated Metal

Smooth Metal

  • Usually less expensive (but not always)

  • Shiny, smooth finish

  • Traditionally more Commercial

  • Can be noisy (rain, hail), depending on the building

  • Often require snow/ice guards to prevent sliding

  • If you want snow and ice to slide off, has the advantage

  • Stays fairly clean with low maintenence 

  • Usually more expensive (but not always)

  • Course, stone coated finish

  • Traditionally more residential

  • Fairly silent, the stone coating deadens sounds

  • Usually doesn't require snow and ice guards

  • If you don't want snow and ice to slide off, has the advantage

  • Can possibly accumulate dirt over time (easy to pressure wash off)

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