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If you know roofing, you know that metal is the future of roofing. You also know that stone coated is the future of metal.

By far the best, most versatile, and longest lasting specialty roofing has been proven to be metal. Because of its proven track record, the demand for residential metal roofing has quadrupled in the last 20 years. Many in the industry now believe that metal, because of its customer satisfaction record creating more and more customer awareness, will one day dominate the residential roofing market.

Metstar offers the best in stone coated metal roofing technology available anywhere. We are focused on manufacturing innovative metal roofing systems that are easy as possible to install and at the most affordable pricing options. We excel in bringing the benefits of stone coated metal to everyone.


Metal roofing is known for being very expensive. At Metstar we continuously develop products and systems that helps reduce costs while increasing quality. We ​​take input from homeowners and roofers to make changes that have managed to

decrease the costs while increasing the quality. 


With our 7 different profiles in 2

different finishes, 4 installation methods,

and an endless array of colors, your options are unlimited in price, appearance and quality. Homeowners have the option to

go for the most expensive, complicated

roof, to the most cost effective or

straight forward option

for their roof. 


We are the only manufacturer, that we know of, that allow professional roofers to make and use their own flashing without voiding the warranty. This is a significant advantage for a seasoned metal roofer, and much more convenient and cost effective for everyone. 

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