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Metstar Tile 2


The Metstar Tile 2 is our tribute to a popular profile known to some as the English Tile and to others as the French Tile.


This design was also introduced in 1950’s New Zealand as the second recorded stone coated tile profile in the world, hence Tile 2.


Because of its classic, elegant appearance, and being a favorite among experienced System 1 installers, the Tile 2 profile continues to be very popular today.

The Metstar Tile 2 is a System 1 profile. It is recommended, but not required, to install with battens.


The Metstar Tile 2 is stocked in the three most popular colours, Brown, Green and Blue. Other Colours are available for a slight surcharge and a 6-8 week availability.

•Overall Length 1340mm, 52 3/4"
•Length of Cover 1280mm, 50 3/8"
•Width of Cover 370mm, 14 9/16"
•Upstand Backshelf 25mm, 1"
•Panel Cover .473m2, 5.1sqft.
•Panels 2.1/m2, 19.6/SQ
•Weight per Panel 2,7KG, 5.9lbs.

Product Brochure

Tile Green
Tile Brown
Tile Blue
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