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     Since its introduction in 1956, Stone Coated Steel has grown to become an important part of the worldwide growth of metal roofing. In North America metal roofing has grown from 3% of residential roofing in 1998 to almost 11% in 2013. Leading that growth has been the aesthetic appeal of stone coated making metal roofing more attractive to homeowners.
In the past fifteen years we have seen the very specialized industry of stone coated steel becoming more and more of a commodity. An industry that was once dominated by one brand is now active with multiple brands being manufactured in many countries worldwide.


     Many new brands have come and gone but a few have successfully made their way as staples in the industry. Feroof, by focusing on quality and innovation, has become one of those few that have been able to grow and carve their mark as one of the top five in the world. Decra/AHI has always been the dominant one but now being challenged by number two Gerard/Allmet followed by number three Metro. Feroof, along with its association with Metstar and innovating quality products is now ranking fourth in North America followed by Roser in fifth. Recently, Feroof has become the number one stone coated metal roofing product being imported in North America and rapidly gaining on the domestic offerings.

     The reason for Feroof’s growth on the international stage is due to paying attention to the details in their quest. Their quest is to firstly match the quality and innovations of the existing industry at competitive pricing and secondly to surpass their quality and innovations. With five core profiles Feroof has all the popular options of every competitor’s offerings combined. Feroof not only matches everything that’s available but also adds its own little improvements such as better basecoat, improved stamping, minimizing accessories cost, etc… This type of attention to details and cost controls make it possible for them to penetrate already established markets.

     By developing new innovative products such as the Slate and the Slate Plus, the world’s first stone coated steel slate profile, Feroof has been able to cultivate its reputation as not only one of the world leaders but a leader among the world leaders. The innovation is not just at the design level but also at the installation level. Feroof’s Slate-Series installation guide is the first to recommend (not require) the use of inexpensive local metal flashings. This makes it possible to bring the cost of the end product to the end user as low as possible. In North America the installation cost is as much of a factor, if not more, as the product cost is to the decision making process involved in purchasing a new roof.

     Although the increase market share for metal roofing has been very impressive there is a whole other $4 billion market of affordable roofing which is presently being dominated by asphalt shingles. Feroof has demonstrated a commitment to leading the industry into this untapped market for more affordable metal roofing.

     Feroof’s recently formed alliances with some of the most influential stone coated metal industry experts and the addition of world class executive directors to their staff is further proof of their commitment to becoming the world leader. With Metstar’s insight and experience in the stone coated metal roofing industry combined with Metstar’s insight and experience working closely with Feroof for the past few years, I am confident that Feroof can become the number one in the world in a very short amount of time.

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